Ok, now this is a version of @realdonaldtrump I might actually be able to get into! Someone w/a restaurant should sell these & donate the proceeds to the #theresistance ! #resist #restaurantowners #entrepreneur #peopleaboveprofits #peopleoverprofit

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Green Tara OM TARE TUTARE TURE SVHA (OM TA-RAY 2-TA-RAY 2-RAY SO-HA) Buddha Green Tara, out of infinite compassion for all those who are suffering, long ago vowed to spring up from whatever she was doing and rush to the aid of anyone who chants her mantra. She’s vowed to help us overcome any type of suffering, whether it’s spiritual or mundane. You can chant the mantra just once, but the more times you chant it, the better! 7, 21, and 108 are all auspice quantities, especially if you’re short on time! Chant it out loud or silently in your head. Either way, she’ll hear you and swiftly appear at your side to lend her aid. For more Tara practices explore the Foundation For The Preservation Of The Mahayana Tradition at www.fpmt.org

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