The Westboro Baptist Church came last week to protest Social Media and we made sure they received an appropriate San Francisco welcoming! LOL I stood in front of each of them for several minutes so they could read my signs. One side said “I can’t wait to see your faces on judgement day!” The other said, “#FuckTheHaters!” I even laid down my sign and sat right in front of one of them for about 5 minutes coloring in my signs to make them more visible. Although I was, of course, very riled up, I still also made a point of whispering in each of their ears “I wish you peace.” The funniest part was when the “God Hates Shrimp” guy came mocking them with his own hater message! … I heard they’re even gonna picket #RobinWilliams’s funeral. If they do, I want to be right there with them, in their faces, to counter their BS! I feel so badly for the children of those awful parents! So sad! What a miserable world they all live in, so full of hate! Bless their hearts! (at Twitter, Inc.)


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