So, my darling Sister Roma has challenged me to #EightDaysOfGratitude. (Ugh! Eight days?!) Its a good thing I have lots to be grateful for!

So here are the rules:

•Three things I’m grateful for a day.
•Eight consecutive days.
•I get to Tag 3 friends a day?
(Really? & make them have to do this sh*t too? My pleasure!)
[Sinister cackling noises fade to silence, and…]



• First and foremost, I want to say that I am SO grateful to be alive!!!
…B’cuz, although life at my tax bracket is often pretty shitty, for some reason, the universe keeps diligently ensuring that mine is filled with experiences that are rich and exciting in ways $ can’t buy! Thanks also to my parents, Margot Craig & Paul Lloyd, I suppose. And I guess I should thank evolution, too, for bringing the qualities of sexual lust & desire into existence. Score one for Nature!

• • It would be extremely inappropriate of me not to mention SPI on my first day of gratitude! Therefore, #2 on my list, I am eternally & forever grateful to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, inc., to the founders, to the Nuns of the Above, the San Francisco Mother House, the world-wide order, to the Nuns, the Priests, the Guards, the Pope, all the Novices, the Postulants, & the Aspirants, and Volunteers! It takes a really special kind of person to join this order and dedicate the rest of their life to the kind of work we do! And yes, I am admitting that we’re all quite insane! We each have a unique quirk to us. But that’s not a bad thing. No, not a bad thing, at all! In fact, I believe the opposite is true. It’s a marvelously good thing, indeed! I’ll say it again. Every last one of us is mad— koo-koo for Coco Puffs! —But, the thing is, each of our weird-ass traits also bring with them direct access to the all-pervasive #SISTERPOWER! SISTERPOWER is like a dynamic, abilifying energy field surrounding anything and everything! As pervasive as Space-Time, itself. It is potentially the most dangerous thing we will ever have access to but, if disciplined and brought under control, it basically turns us into Jesus Witches, or something.,We can do ANYTHING! with SISTERPOWER! (& secretly, you can tap into and freely use it too! But we’ll talk more about that later.)

• • • I would also be amiss to not mention my undying gratitude to the community! The ones we serve. If it weren’t for you, we would not exist! You give us life! You nourish us! You give us the strength to get back into it day in and day out! Your love. Your trust. You smiles. Your hugs. Your reads. Your fears. You heartbreaks and also your raptures. Your devotion. Your gratitude. Your Queerness. Your values. Your desires and aspirations. Your sicknesses and your wellness(es). Without you we would NOT exist! Thank you for letting me be of service! NAMASTE!

— Now the fun part! YAY! Time to challenge 3 people to so this too… Hmmmm. Who should I pick on? OK. Got it!

Christine Duncan, Leah Tavers, & Tsengel Yidam, I challenge you to 8 Days Of Gratitude! Show me you love me and accept my challenge! For the next 8 days share with us 3 things a day that you are grateful for! Tag me in your post so I know you care and go ahead and challenge 3 more people you know each day, also.

Now this is the kind of chain letter I can get into! Thank you Roma!


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