OK, so I had a feeling mine would not be consecutive days. But, rest assured, I will complete the assignment!

• Today, I am grateful for the ancestors! Those who’ve come before us. There struggles for acceptance and the right to live authentically were much harder than what we experience today. And it is only because of their fighting spirits and determination that we enjoy the freedoms we now have. We must always remember the an ancestors!

(On a side note: I was referred to as one of the “ancients” by one of the Castro Kids the other day. A fucking ANCIENT?! I mean, GODDAMN, I’m only 31!)

• • I’m also grateful for the Earth! She is our only home! She sustains us, even though we rape, mutilate and abuse her! She is the epitome of a loving mother who care for her children. She will love us til death do us part. But unfortunately, our stubborn assess are trying ever so hard to kill her. The problem is…that unfortunately, when she dies, so will we!

• • • I am also grateful for the leaders in our community. The ones who stand up in the face of oppression and proclaim “Hey, that’s not fair! We’re here, whether you like it, or not!” They truly are our voice. Without them we wouldn’t have things like marriage equality! Without them I believe we’d be lost! Have the courage to be your own leader! However the opportunity may present itself. I’ve got a feeling it’s about to get loud.

— Today I challenge Monet Allard, the Venerable Katy Cole, and Marco Middlesex to 8 Days Of Gratitude. If you accept my challenge, for the Next 8 days post 3 things you are grateful for each day. You can also challenge 3 people each day you write. Tag me in your posts to let me know you care!


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