—UPDATE 9/24/14: Protest is BACK ON! Meet Thursday 10/02/14 at 11:00am in the SF City Hall. FULL DRAG if you’re able. Grrrrls, ITS TIME TO GET LOUD!!!—

By the way, I’m deleting my Facebook on the first! It really sucks because there’s honestly no replacement for it! EVERYONE is on Facebook, not Google+, not so much even twitter! By deleting my account I’ll be throwing away the network I’ve spent the last several years building. I’ll be disconnecting myself from friends whom I cherish deeply and want us to be a part of each others lives. These are people the who come to events and fundraisers, it’s true. But they’re also people of like mind who I’ve been able to rally support from for various other social concerns and crisis’. There will absolutely be no replacing what Facebook offers!

It’s TRUELY VERY SAD (and pathetic) that their GREED is so strong they’re willing to SHIT ON so many active community organizations and volunteers, not to mention us nuns! They’re GOING TO HELL, for all I care. And I want to help them get there as quickly as possible! But I’m TERRIFIED TO MENTION anything else about “glitter b***ing” their asses, lest I receive an unannounced visit from Homeland Security or even the Men In Black.



I’m not gonna just sit back and let them treat me disrespectfully like this!


I may consider reconnecting my account, but that’s only if they CHANGE their HURTFUL, DISCRIMINATORY, and DANGEROUS. policy!

And, even then, their chances of convincing me to come back would be greatly improved by offering an APOLOGY, in the form of a PRESS RELEASE, with the AMENDMENTS to their TOS!

I’ve been wanting to glitterB*** them FOR YEARS! Ever since they suspended my account for a whole week cuz I clicked on the suggested friends links they fucking suggested to me! I wanted to complain and looked for contact info, but there was only a FAQ. So I turned to google and Cortana, or whatever her silly name is, gave me a number to call. But, alas, when I did, it took me to an answering machine. That wouldn’t accept messages. It only told me to go back to the FAQ!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrr, I am so hot right now!!!

Please excuse any strong emotions, vulgarity, or whatever ails ya in this post. But Sister is Steamin’ right now!


#MyNameIs #SisterDharma #FuckTheHaters #FaceBook #dragqueen #sistersofperpetualindulgence #sisterroma #heklina #pollodelmar #cookiedough #honeymahogany #pandoraboxx #rupaul #discrimination #greed #FuckYouInYourFacebook!


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