So, today’s Gratitude List is dedicated to Facebook!

But, before I begin, I want to make absolutely clear, I do not believe FaceBook to be a benevolent and trustworthy corporate citizen, focusing on the wellbeing of its users and indeed the whole of humanity. Rather, I acknowledge that it’s an incredibly influential, profit-driven monopoly, in a convenient position of dominance within a dangerously skewed power dynamic between the super rich, 1%, and the derelict rest of us. Their platform has been purposely integrated into the very fabric of the interweb and has made life without its use virtually obsolete. Therefore, FaceBook must be continuously scrutinized by meticulously watchful whistleblowers and be unfailingly confronted whenever it’s discovered they’re abusing their powers over privacy, culture, politics, freedom, or humanity!

But, that being said, the bulk of my gratitude today and likely for days and weeks to come, is nonetheless, reserved for the social media giant. Do their algorithms read my blog or something? It’s interesting that they did exactly everything I asked of them in a previous post. To recap, I was extremely upset that they’d suspended my account and forced me to change my name and would’ve gone so far as demanding I produce government ID if I hadn’t complied initially. I felt violated and, for lack of a better word, “punked!” 

Then one day a miraculous thing happened. While sitting in the massage chair in my flat’s foyer, it dawned on me, “Fuck FaceBook!” I decided to give them until the end of September to make things right or else I was going to deactivate my account and never look back. But I didn’t just want them to change their terms of service, I required an apology for their insolence! And I wanted it public! 

I really had no expectation that they’d ever even acknowledge their error, let alone relent their egotistical bullheadedness and change their ways accordingly. Their attitude has always seemed of the philosophy that we (their users) need them, so we have to live on their terms. But not only did they commit to changing their dangerous identity regulations, they even apologized, exactly like I’d requested, for the world to see! And for that I am most grateful! 

It gives me hope that even with the colossal discrepancies in global power and resources, this world still might yet be salvageable. And by implication, that humanity might actually survive the cataclysmic effects of climate change, deforestation, overfishing, and destruction of the delicate systems of nature and the planet which sustain life here on Earth.

We (the queens and the public) were loud, there’s no doubt about that! What did they expect, fucking with a bunch of drag queens, kinksters and other non-conformists? We may look like nelly little pushovers, but girl, you failed to consider that we been dealing with this kind of shit our whole freakin’ lives! By the time a drag queen is “born” she don’t take no shit from no one! And please, don’t let the heels fool you, cuz the majority of us could run marathons in those pumps, let alone whoop a bitch ass for their disrespect in the middle of Turk and Taylor in the Tenderloin. Bet you won’t make that mistake again!

But fixing the world requires a shit ton of work! We need climate change addressed, distribution of wealth, institutional racism, classism, homophobia, gender inequality, personal freedom, economics, the list is daunting! But maybe things will start to actually get done if we have a bunch of loud ass queens rallying the troops! Queens perform for themselves to raise a side income, yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but many also commit a great deal of time and effort into raising money for charity and otherwise benefitting their local community. Maybe the focus needs to change for a while! Girls. Maybe instead of just raising money through beer busts and drag shows (treating the symptoms and not the cause), we could organize our efforts on the deeper roots of the worlds problems and attack where real change can occur. We need to cut them off at the root to make sure they don’t grow back. And I’m not necessarily talking about just FaceBook anymore, either. I’m talking about the Koch brothers, transnational conglomerates, resource and production controllers, the international banking system, etc. 

I’d be willing to bet my house (if I owned one) for example, that we would see a complete transformation of the power grid from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy sources—infrastructure and all— within a decade, if there were just a gaggle of loud ass, nelly, drag queens relentlessly raising glittery hellfire until they got their way!

CALL TO ACTION: Discuss amongst yourselves ideas for conquering humanity’s most urgent and insurmountable obstacles and organize to make it happen! (wish I could figure out how to add f*ucking comments to a d*amn Tumblr blog!)

P.S.—Oh yeah, so I’m also grateful for large dildo-handled floggers and chocolate sauce.

Today I challenge Pat N Leather, Sister Hera Sees Candy, and Queen Dilly Dally to 8 Days of Gratitude! Alright girls. 3 things you’re grateful for each day for 8 days. You can also challenge 3 people each day as well! Tag me in your posts to let me know you care! Now PAY IT 4WARD!


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