Of Course They Did! 

I recently commented online on an article I’d read in the SF Weekly. The article was about a local nonprofit, serving indigent elderly people in the Tenderloin, potentially having to close down because they’d lost their funding. In my comment, I criticized Supervisor Jane Kim, who’s district the organization is located in and invited others to contact her to give a piece of their minds, as well.

After leaving my call-to-action, I followed through by sending her office an immediate email. She wrote back within the hour saying she’d check on my concerns and get back to me. She then wrote back an hour later, around 6 pm on (I think) a Friday evening, and reported to me what she’d found. The Supervisor told me her office had indeed been working with the organization and that my complaint was unfounded. She explained that her staff had already followed through with her promise to share the nonprofit’s GoFundMe campaign to her social media accounts. 

With my grievance addressed so quickly, after hours, and on a Friday evening, no less, I felt content and went back to the paper’s website to delete my post, due to its irrelevance. Unfortunately, once I got there I learned that I’d had only 5 minutes from the time it was posted to modify or delete it. It was now stuck up there forever! This made me feel kind of bad because I didn’t want people “berating” the Supervisor, as I’d encouraged they do, for something she’d already taken care of. But, at the time, I didn’t think of simply leaving another comment to update the readers. So, instead, I just crossed my fingers that no one would read it. 

Wouldn’t you know, the very next week the paper printed it. Ugh! And I didn’t even find out on my own, either. I learned of it through a Sister, which means it’s been read by the masses. (No pun intended.) It’s times like these that make me almost want to believe in God again, so I can anthropomorphize a cynical sense of humor on It and find higher meaning from otherwise ironic and uncomfortable coincidences. 

I really don’t know, but if there is a God, and if I make it up there to be with It when I die, I’m praying It have a wicked sense of humor! Not mean, but certainly mischievous! Otherwise, I fear, I’d quickly become bored out of my Goddamned mind and my “heaven” would transform into a kind of “hell”. 

What about you? Do you believe in God? If so, does It have a sense of humor or a giant stick up Its ass? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And share this article with your friends. 


Sister Dharma


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