Hi!deas Change The World Introduction & 1st Entry

So, what is a hi!dea anyway? You know those stoner moments that people get when they smoke pot? A HA! It’s when a light bulb goes off unexpectedly and you suddenly realize something monumental that could change the world. The problem usually lies in the curious property of marijuana to temporarily  restrict the minds’ ability to remember things. Therefore, in this new series of posts, entitled Hi!deas, I will attempt to record and preserve these fleeting, yet profound, revelations of my psyche for the benefit of the world.

(Some of my Eureka! moments may be quite a bit ahead of their time, so if any seem a bit confusing, ridiculous or even unattainable, remember to give them a chance to mature into the reality they’re destined to become.)

The term Highdeas might be a Trademark of the website bearing its namesake. Visit www.highdeas.com to experience a thriving community of active stoners and others whose philosophy is as follows, Submit Before You Forget.

Here’s entry number one into my Hi!deas Change The World Log

Highdea #1

If they use nicotine infused products like Nicorette to help curb the cravings of cigarette addiction, why don’t they use amphetamine drugs like Adderal to help curb the cravings of methamphetamine addiction?

Harm Reduction - Start Where You're At
Meth Is Poison – Start where you’re at and reduce harm from there. Go as far as you think you need to go. It’s your call.

Has anyone ever done any studies on that, I wonder.


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