Hi!dea #2

So, one of the main reasons anti-equality activists like Kim Davis give to try and validate their bigotry is that their beliefs are sincerely held religious convictions and they have the right to freedom of religious practice. As grotesquely prejudice as these mofos are, their complaints nonetheless raise some important questions. Questions it’s growing time for America to decide upon. Let us use Kim Davis’ and others like her’s ugliness as the fuel to fire our country’s progress. Let us address the heart of the issue.

Hi!dea #2

Fundamentalists love to rationalize their blatant prejudices by invoking their right to freedom of religion. But what if their religion calls for denying rights to their fellow citizens who deserve and who have equal rights as themselves? Should the group of religious adherents have the right to deny another group of their rights, simply because their inclinations don’t fit the cookie cutter shape of these religious individuals? If that’s the case, then I propose the founding of a new religion. And the scriptures of my religion, as revealed through divine inspiration, strictly forbid seeing the faces of those evil ones who seek to disenfranchise their fellow humanity and give some rights to themselves while restricting the rights of others. Since it is against my religion to even see the face of such people, I petition that all such people immediately be deported to the country of their choosing, so long as it is a country which I never plan on visiting myself. Or, better yet, I propose we banish them to the Maldives and see how long they last there with the rising oceans and all. They may become immortalized as Atlantis #2.




freedom of religion should not trump other citizens’ equal rights, EVER!


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