Hi!dea #3 It All Boils Down to Chemistry

Complex life, when examined at it’s most basic constituents is nothing more than a symphony of chemical processes governed by physical laws.

A person is a living entity, or so, at least, we assume. It is conscious and possess freedom of will. But, what is a person made of?

A person is a collection of body parts and vital organs which work together in harmony to support the continuation and proliferation of the collective whole. But, what are the parts made of?

A person’s body parts are made up of trillions of individual and autonomous cells working together for the benefit of the whole , as well. But, what are cells made of?

Cells are made up of chemicals and their interactions. The whole system is confined within the membrane, which itself, is made up of chemicals. The membrane provides a barrier to keep non essential elements out, as well as allow passage of beneficial elements. But, as complex as the workings of each cell are, they consist only of chemicals. All the movement and apparent “life” active within the cell is nothing more than the natural interactions of the various chemicals and their resultant processes governed by the laws of the universe. Therefore, when you break life down as far as you can go you discover that life itself is the result of nonliving chemicals interacting with each other automatically through physical laws.

Keeping this in mind, let us consider the Earth. The Earth is made up of its component parts, such as the land, the waters, the atmosphere, etc. Each part appears to be nonliving, but the interact with each other anyway, according to the laws of physics, and create the dynamic planet we live on. When you continue to break down the parts of the Earth to discover what makes them up you arrive at chemicals and their interactions with each other, once again.

Therefore, if the complex and conscious human being is nothing more than the interactions of nonliving chemicals and so is the dynamic system of the Earth, who are we to say the Earth is not its own living, conscious entity? Who are we to assume it is not just another living organism, just at a grander scale than we are used to?

The Earth may be conscious and it may know we’he here. If we keep making causing it to experience disease and imbalance, it may retaliate against us in self defence. Humanity may be a akin to bacteria infecting our planet. If we are like bacteria than if the Earth doesn’t succeed in eliminating us, it is likely we will destroy the Earth, such as pneumonia destroys a person.

We can develop a parasitic relationship with our planet or a symbiotic one. Which will we choose?

Indulgent Blessings Upon You, My Child!

Love Always,

Sister Dharma Gettin’


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