Who does that? Who makes that kind of money!? And, are they single or down to swing?

How Much Would You Pay For Your Very Own Chance To Live In The City By The Bay?

So, I was browsing through a local apartment rental catalog a few months ago and came across a listing for a flat somewhere akin to Noe Valley offered for the WTF bargain of a mere $10,000 a month!

Now, don’t let your conscience start you feeling all guilty and things about this! There’s no need to tell yourself you’d be taking advantage of that poor landlord by jumping all over this steal! I mean, come on, in today’s market, the chance to live in a world class city, such as San Francisco, is surely worth, at least $100,000 a month, or more! You feel me?

Well, OK. Maybe it is! Or, at least, maybe it was, back when SF was great! Before all the eccentrics and artists and table waiters and car washers and queens and everyone else with some uniqueness (and a little kookiness, too) were forced to find housing elsewhere. Back before the technocrats launched their systematic invasion and began transforming (and terraforming) our beloved, inclusive mecca with their ethnic and cultural genocidal algorithms. Because, let’s be honest, who can afford $10,000 a month in rent? Who can afford rent in general in SF? Can you? For how long?

Let’s Do The Math

So, while I was in high school, my auntie Linda explained to me that, ideally, a person should be spending no more than 1/3 of their income each month on rent. This leaves enough left over to pay the other bills and also save and invest in one’s future.

Well, $10,000 each month multiplied by 12, makes rent in this apartment $120,000 a year. Jesus Christ! That’s already 4 times what someone making $30,000 a year earns. And, that’s just for rent! So, if rent is supposed to be only a third of a person’s income, then $120,000 multiplied by 3 means that a renter in this modest city residence should be earning, at least, $360,000 a year to survive at a comfortable level.

WTF? A person living in that apartment is supposed to be earning $360,000 a year!?!?! Who does that? Who makes that kind of money!? And, are they single or down to swing a little? And why wouldn’t they just buy a house instead with that kind of cash flow? I mean, damn! Really?

Well, OK. Let’s break this down a little further and put things in perspective.

First, we’ll calculate the income of the person who’s supposed to be able to afford this special place to live.What does that break down to an hour?

$360,000 a year divided by 12 months is $30,000 per month..
$30,000 per month divided by 4 weeks is $7,500 per week.
$7,500 a week divided by 5 days is $1,500 per day.

Yup! I double checked it. That’s really $1,500 a day? OMG I would kill to earn that and I’m a nun so getting me to kill says a lot! What they’re supposed to earn in a day is more than I earn in an entire month!

But, how much is that an hour?

$1,500 per day divided by 8 hours is $187.50 per hour.
A person renting a San Francisco apartment at the competitive rate of $10,000 a month should be earning at least $187.50 an hour to live comfortably.

But, now I’m curious. How much does that break down to a minute?

$187.50 an hour divided by 60 minutes is $3.125 each minute. Rounded up to the nearest penny, that total is $3.13 per minute.What kind of work is so important that it’s worth paying $3.13 each minute for? Taxi Driving? Hair Styling? Social Work? Probably not.

Nah, we don’t need taxis anymore. We can telecommute. If we’re telecommuting, we don’t need to worry about our hair looking a mess, so hair styling services also become less valuable. And social work? Well, that’s a nice thought, but I don’t need to access those types of services. At least, not yet. And, I’m struggling here, myself. Social work really is not my problem to worry about and I honestly can’t be bothered to pitch in a little when I’m here struggling, too! So, as usual, the real world value of social work services, as opposed to its ideological value, is heartbreakingly underfunded. Meaning less people are able to access less services than they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You know, one in which a person has a place to sleep at night and nutritious food to eat, and can get the healthcare they need, etc. The technocrats, as sure as the Hell they’re all going to, aren’t going to go out of their way to fund them.

(Well, actually, Mark Zuckerberg did recently donate something like $75 million to build the new San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Center. It’s quite easy to tell since his name is clearly visible on the new building’s facade, no matter your distance from it. That’s a nice gesture there, Mark, and it is truly, very much appreciated! We are sincerely grateful. But, it should just be the start. The beginning of a new trend. A new way of doing things. Where the super wealthy contribute their fortunes toward the betterment of societies, in stead of just the betterment of their families and themselves. So let’s discuss setting up a recurring donation schedule, shall we? Let’s ensure that your kindness continues to carry on in future times.

I wonder if Facebook has a regular grant cycle as part of their annual charitable endeavors? And what their annual contributions are in relation to their annual profits. I’m going to have to look into that.

The Rest of Us

Now, let’s figure out what a person working Customer Service at a local, SF based tech food delivery company adds up to.

Our Customer Service Super Star at this perky company earns $12.25 an hour and works a full 40 hours a week.

$12.25 multiplied by 8 means they’re making $98 per day.
$98 multiplied by 5 days means they’re bringing in $490 each week.
$490 multiplied by 4 weeks in a month takes our total to $1,960 (pretax) for each month of work this person provides.
$1,960 multiplied by the 12 months we have in a year equates to $23,520 a year.

That means that an employee at this globally established tech company would have to work for an entire year to afford just 2 months rent at this wonderful San Franciscan apartment and have to side hustle all year just to eat. WTF? Please, $3,520 is not enough to eat for an entire year. I wonder if someone could do it if they cut out lunch or something. They might be able to survive on that income if they only ate breakfast and dinner. But then, they’d probably end up substituting snacks all day for that missing meal, which could end up costing more than their original lunches did in the first place, especially if they grabbed the snacks on the go!

But, there’s also still clothes to buy, and household supplies, and hygiene, emergencies, and birthdays, oh my! And, also, everything else that life today charges money for.

I’m Hella Madd! The world’s gone madd! It’s gone madd!! That’s insane!!!

Looking to the future, my question becomes. . .

“How can we pop this friggin’ bubble ourselves? I’m tired of waiting! How can we pop it?  We Can Pop It! How. Can. We. Pop. It.?”



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