Effortlessly Earn Gift Card Rewards with The Panel App

A few months ago, I installed an app called The Panel App. It runs silently in the background without my ever noticing it’s there. I just use my phone as I normally do & it racks up the points automatically! I can spend the points on guaranteed gift cards &/or sweepstakes entries for CA$h & prizes! Importantly, running the app has no effect on my phone’s performance or speed & most of the time I forget it’s even there! This makes earning rewards Effortless & Automatic! Plus, if you configure it to ask you periodic location questions, you’ll supercharge your earnings & rack up those points with lightening quickness!

Go ahead, click my referral link below! You’ll be invited to join the same Panel that I’m in & we’ll both get extra rewards for your doing so: http://bit.ly/24RYO34

Oh, yeah, & it’s 100% FREE! Plus, you can join multiple panels using the same app and rack up many rewards at the same time, all without any effort! What could be better than that? OK, some good dick could potentially be better, and currently, that is not offered in the reward choices. But, you can always use the cash and Giftcards you earn down on the ho stroll to get you some. I’m just sayin’!

Love always,

Sister Dharma

Indulgent Blessings Upon You, My Child!

Love Always,

Sister Dharma Gettin’


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