Just A Lil’ Cray Cray. . .

Touched by an eccentric spirit
San Francisco’s filled with cray-cray. Touched by an eccentric spirit

One of the things I love most about living in San Francisco is that everyone’s a little bit crazy here! It’s a prerequisite actually. Touched. You’ve got to be touched to live in this city. No , Nasty! Get your mind out the gutter. I’m not talking about  the unwanted fondlings of a repressed parish priest. What I mean is “touched” by an angel, or at least, by some sort of unconventional, other-worldly spirit.

Now, it’s true! There are those, it seems, who’ve been touched by this spirit considerably deeper than others. No doubt about that! And I believe that I am justified when I count myself amidst their ranks. But, it’s not something bad. Not necessarily, anyway. Don’t misinterpret my words here. There’s something uniquely special about the soul of this city and that soul saturates every last thing within its borders. The spirit manifests itself in each person and each object differently and there’s a puzzled wisdom in its every move. The eccentricity of the City By The Bay rejuvenates even the most decrepit of us all. It gives each day excitement and makes life joyfully unpredictable. It’s precisely the very force which draws close to and then encapsulates even the most nomadic, vagrant wanderer. And I’m quite sure ive not only been touched by it; I’ve been abducted!

However, for all the amazing-ness I just preached in the last two paragraphs, as is true of any authentic source of power or energy in the universe, power, by its very nature, is strong! And not all of us are fully prepared as conduits when it surges electrifyingly through us.  But, like any noble craft, mastering the radical force of absurdity takes skill. And skill can be developed. This truth applies to us all. Anyone can develop their positive qualities like patience, leadership, empathy, concentration, and remove even the most subtle stains of unhelpful or unwanted ones. In other words, we are all the masters of our own destiny. Each one in our own personal universe where anything is possible. Everything is possible, really. Anything and everything are possible in our own personalized universe and we control the course We take through it. The secret to improvement is is simple. Start where you’re at a move forward. No matter how slow, just start moving.

Move forward. Isn’t that an interesting thought, though? That maybe there really is a multi-verse, but each universe within it resemble cartoonists transparencies overlapping and blending to create the complete picture. Yet all the while, maintaining their individuality, their own personal story, and own guiding star.

Start where you are!


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