(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KVyFio8gw4)

stamps.com in the USA is one of the companies with scandalous practices. They advertise within app downloads and games by offering credit to buy virtual assets in the game by signing up for a free trial of their monthly service. You have to call in to cancel and they always try to talk you out of it. Because I’d notice the charges at inoportune times it made forgetting about it easy for the rest of the statement period. The hoops to cancel made it very uncomfortable and discouraged me from canceling.They ended up getting almost a years worth of payments out of me even though I never once used their service. I didn’t even use it during the free trial period or use the $5 credit they’d given me when signing up for the trial. They refused to refund all but the current month’s service payment and tried to make me feel lucky they werent charging me for the following month instead. Somehow, apparently, one of their terms made that practice OK. So, they got to pretend they were the good guys because they weren’t charging me for the following month and were refunding the current month’s fee. All the while, they’d made a year or more in service fees out of me and I never used their service.


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