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Writing a Good Ad

By: Lukas | March 14, 2013

One-hundred percent of the advertising I’ve ever done for
my escorting and bodywork business costs nothing
because it is done
strictly on the Internet. Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips that
I’ve come up with in terms of self-promotion.

Don’t pay for ads

Free ads are a great way for the beginner to get into escorting. I’m
not saying that this is the best or the only route to go. It’s just that
with the newness and uniqueness of the Internet, I decided that free
ads are the best for my (and possibly your) purposes. Once you get
started, you might want to think about going with print ads in your
local or national newspapers, but for starters I believe the Internet
free sites suffice. Check out the accompanying list of available sites
for your free listings.

Writing the ad

I write an ad that suggests — but does not explicitly offer — my
services (sensual massage, erotic bodywork, etc.). I try to keep it
somewhat vague because these folks tend to be squeamish about escorts.
They are also sometimes haphazard. One month they’ll accept an ad and
the next month they won’t.

When the potential client contacts me, I let him know what I’m
offering and what I’m willing to do during a session. I don’t have to
lay out everything in the ad (after all, I’m merely trying to attract
the potential client’s attention), but I must be able to deliver what I
do say in the ad. I use a name that I can use to track the ad since most
potential clients don’t remember where they find an online ad. This
helps determine which ad is working. For instance, I use Mike for
bodywork and Lukas for escorting.

I inform the potential customer whether I offer house calls, outcalls only, etc. I NEVER give rates on these ads!

I use a photograph! This is probably the best thing you can do since
ads with photos generate a lot more business. Some places require that
your face be visible. Others don’t.

I always avoid making false promises or heralding spectacular body
attributes I don’t have. Since I don’t have an 8-inch cock, it’s stupid
for me to claim that I do. After all, the potential client is going to
(hopefully) see that part of me someday, and I don’t want to have to be
caught with a lie when I have my pants down.

Find your specific audience

I look for sites that cater to the kinds of clients I am willing to
work with or like to sleep with. For instance, Apollonetwork.com
classifieds can help find older gentlemen (but you have to be cool when
you advertise) and waterboys.com can help escorts who are looking for
clients who are into watersports. Think about your own likes and
dislikes when doing drumming up business. If you enjoying working with
furry men, search the web for Bear sites. Get the idea? I mean, after
all, just because it’s work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great time
while you’re at it!

With that in mind, try to make the ad copy (language) match the image
you’re trying to convey. Whether I’m writing copy for my website or for
advertisements, I try to write the way I think my client would speak or
– more often – the way I think he would like to hear me speak. For
instance, when I write my ads for the bodywork business, I try to use
clear language and attempt to keep things upbeat. However, if I’m
writing for a site that caters to S&M enthusiasts, I tend to write
with a more sexual bent to my language and don’t worry so much about
being upbeat. Naturally, this all takes some practice, and I’ve put out a
lot of ads before finding the ones that work the best for me.

My different lives

I created several websites that have somewhat different slants. I
have two primary websites: one promotes me as a body worker and another
describes me as an escort. Early on, I figured out that the idea of
“escorts” turns off some folks who are willing to utilize the services
of an erotic bodyworker. On the other hand, some guys don’t want to muck
around with massage or bodywork. Instead, they want to dive right into
the sorts of things that escorts are good at – which, of course, is
dating, conversation, and going to the theater. By having two different
websites, I snag a bit of both types of clients.

Final reminders

The thing to remember when you’re doing any sort of escort work is
that it’s important to have fun. Why advertise for clients that will rub
you the wrong way or demand things of you that you don’t like to do? If
you prefer being a bottom, make it clear that that’s what you are –
but, again, don’t do it in the ad. Do that when the client writes or
calls for more information.

Although you might think that getting as many clients as you possibly
can is the most important thing, a little time as an escort will teach
you otherwise. Quality clients that understand your needs, who are
compatible with what you offer, and who can contribute to your own good
time are what really counts. Careful and well thought-out advertising
can be the difference between spending the night with a client that you
can’t wait to get away from and a client who is actually fun to be with.


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