So, then what about the people who can’t afford the $39 because they don’t have enough to make ends meet already? Might those people, myself among them, also prefer to survive the Apocolypse and not be killed in misery within the wrath of God? You’ve established a full and complete scholarship program for them, haven’t you? A true Christian wouldn’t be hiding this information behind a pay-wall. They would be proclaiming it constantly, consistently and at the top of their lungs, to everyone and anyone who had ears to hear it! Plus, doesn’t the Bible itself say somewhere that no one can predict when the end will get here? Oh, yeah, it does!   “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.” -|- -|- -|-  Matthew 24:36 If you’re not a fraud and you truly care about people because of your pious beliefs and your love of the Lord, prove it! Annotate the video and amend the description to include links to your 100% FREE scholarship program. Start releasing press releases, setting up interviews with media and bloggers, etc. Proclaim the secrets at the top of your lungs! 2017 is almost here! Besides, what will you need money for when the country’s stock of supplies and food are all gone, anyway? I’m just sayin’ though… or #ShutTheFuckUp! But, #BlessYourHeart for tryin’ there, I guess. Namaste, Sister Dharma Gettin’



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