Texas Judge Blocks Obama’s Inclusive Transgender Bathroom Directive

Recently, twelve states, including the State of Texas challenged the Obama Administration’s directive mandating that American public schools allow transgender students to use the restroom that aligns with their “chosen” gender identity.

The temporary injunction came from U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor of Fort Worth, Texas. He claimed that the directive was unconstitutional and usurps the authority of locally elected officials to govern in the way they deem safest for their constituencies. His issue wasn’t necessarily concerned about transgender student’s safety and right to attend school free of discrimination and harassment, but rather his concern came from the fact that the directive did not allow for public comment or input from the various jurisdictions affected. The ruling, which applies nationwide, takes effect immediately but fortunately does not prohibit schools which already allow inclusive bathroom access continuing to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms they already use. The Whitehouse issued a statement expressing its disappointment in the ruling and pledging to review it’s options to determine it’s next steps.

This ruling came as one of two recent setbacks to Transgender activists across the country. The other being a recent Supreme Court Ruling that a Virginia school district can block a trans-male student from using the appropriate facilities.

This blogger wants to again point out the audacity of such fights against inclusiveness because they very obviously lack any actual understanding of the issues and highlight these elected official’s obvious lack of critical thinking skills. The people who argue against inclusive bathroom policies claim to do so to protect vulnerable students from unwanted sexual advancements potentially coming from transgender students while in the bathroom or locker room, but they fail to realize two critical things. First, when a trans person is living in the gender role that matches their identity, it has nothing to do with sexual preference. A trans person can be either gay, straight, bi, asexual, etc. Gender identity is not the same as sexual preference. The second, is quite obvious to me and I am baffled that the opposition can’t see what’s in front of their faces, but even if a transperson did try to make a move on somebody in the bathroom or locker room, if the person they’re making the advancement toward does not share the sexual preference of the person they’re making the advancement to, they’re not going to get very far! In other words, if a trans-female hits on a straight girl, the straight girl is going to have zero interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with the person because they would be attracted to the opposite sex. Being transgender necessarily means that the transperson is living as the gender they identify with. Therefore, in every relevant respect, a transgirl is a girl. They look, dress, and act as a girl. So, if a girl hits on another girl and the other girl happens to be straight, the flirtatious one will not get very far!

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