Watch “Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR” on YouTube

This, my children, is going to change everything! Absolutely everything! 

Humanity may soon see the end of most diseases because of this discovery. Think about it. No more cancer. No more Hepatitis. No Parkinson’s. No Alzheimer’s. In fact, there’s a clinical study currently being conducted here in San Francisco which appears to be using this technology to cure HIV positive people of that dreadful plague.

Check the video out!

If our planet, if our species, survives the next 20 or 3o years with us, we will verily emerge from our crisis’ in a world so incredibly wonderful and different that even the memory of the old world will be forgotten forever! 

Pray for that day, my children. The day of His 2ND cumming. 

(A nun would never wish blue balls on anybody, you feel me?)

Indulgent Blessings and maeJoy B. with always!




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