San Francisco developer considers building 200-square-foot apartments |

Oh Hell no!

I really love the tiny home concept–it’s eco-friendlier than the gargantuan living spaces we are used to and going simple and Zen with things is very calming and positive–but this is going too far.

Proposed toilet/sink for San Francisco tiny home development at 15th St. & So. Van Ness Ave.
This image shows the toilet/sink contraption proposed for the new tiny apartment development currently being pitched in San Francisco, Calif. (Photo Credit: KGO-TV)

Your only sink within your toilet? No! We have to draw the line somewhere! Come on. If your apartment is too small to fit yourself and a guest you might as well just rent a storage locker somewhere. It would save you tons of money and probably give you more space, too!

Developer: Yes, please! You’re on the right track. But, you’ve gotten yourself a little carried away here already. Listen, wait a few hours for your high to come down and then add a few hundred more feet to those floorplans, please. Maybe you could do it loft style, I don’t know. But, I currently live just two blocks from there and I’d be interested in either renting or purchasing if you only just gave the units more space (and took the building off the grid). Thanks.


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