Decision-making process of viruses could lead to new antibiotic treatments

WOW! So, a few years ago, I learned that bacteria actually have language. In fact, every single bacteria on the planet is bilingual! Yes, they know more languages than most Americans do.

And now, today, I just learned that viruses, which are little more than just a DNA or an RNA molecule encased in a protective membrane and can’t even move around or reproduce on their own, can actually make decisions for themselves, like whether to compete or cooperate with other viruses or even the host cell they infect.


Humans face hundreds of decisions every day. But we’re not alone. Even the tiniest viruses also make decisions, and scientists are researching how they do so, to help lead to better treatments for some diseases. A team of scientists has discovered how the lambda phage decides what actions to take in its host, the E. coli bacterium.

Source: Decision-making process of viruses could lead to new antibiotic treatments

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