We Still Care!

I’m not going to debate the prison industrial complex with you. Well, at least not on here. So, regardless of how one might feel about prisoners and inmates throughout this country, the reality is that there are millions of people locked up in America and most of them will be getting out at some point and living amongst us again.

Prison is a very unhealthy place to live. I’m talking, mentally and emotionally, of course. There is so much negativity and ones’ survival mode is in a perpetual state of hyperactivity. Instead of becoming more empathetic, compassionate, and rational, productive members of society, many inmates and prisoners find themselves hardened and maladjusted by the experience. I think a better word to use than maladjusted is actually institutionalised. The point is that people often lose their sense of connectivity and belonging during incarceration, and that is arguably the most important thing they will need to reconnect with us out here and break out of the cycle of recidivism.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a P.O box and use it to send out random, anonymous letters to random people in prison or jail, letting them know that they are not forgotten, and that they still matter, people do still care about them, and that people out here believe in them and are rooting for them?

I’m sure some of the letters would fall on deaf ears, but surely most would be well received. And it’s likely that some of them might be the random act of kindness that someone needs to get them through their darkest hour, so to speak!

Anybody interested in doing this with me?

Sister Dharma Gettin’ AKA Sister Miranda Rights


Sign the guestbook. Go ahead!

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