@realdonaldtrump I don’t know how you define great, but America is great because we are built by and for immigrants. And we’re especially great because we’ve always welcomed asylum seekers to escape the hell life their countries had become for them! That Is What Makes Us Great! But, your insistence on banning people who are fleeing violence and persecution and on securing borders at the expense of compassion, empathy, and brotherly love is what’s making this country be not great. You’re going in the wrong direction, Sir. The wrong direction! It’s time to show America who you really are. Are you for creating a happier, safer, more friendly world, or are you just in it for the fame and fortune? I still have hope in you, Sir. That your humanity will break it’s way through and you’ll start being a President deserving of honor, respect and gratitude. But, right now, you’re truly just the opposite, Sir. Come on, you already have enough money, don’t you? You, literally, have more money and assets than I’ll probably ever have, cumulatively, in my whole life. There needs to come a time when you divert your attention from yourself for a moment and start caring about other people! Come on, Don! I know you have it in you!

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2m0yFh4

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