Transgenders In The Military? Hell no! — Love, Trump

So, according to a Tweet sent out this morning by our wish-washy-as-f*ck, fake president, Transgender Americans will no longer be allowed to serve in America’s armed forces, in any capacity. So much for his promise to stand up for the rights of and protect LGBTQ Americans, which he made last year after the horrendous Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida!

In his tweet this morning, our fake commander-in-chief cited discussions with prominent Transphobic Armed Forces officials.

One reason for his decision was apparently the high cost of transition related healthcare. Never mind the unfathomable amount of money Mr. trump intends on injecting into our [terribly underfunded, failing] military. One wonders exactly what all those countless billions will be spent on!

This just shows us, once again, that our so-called president can not be trusted to keep his word. He thinks nothing of lying in the moment, so long as it makes him look good or gets him something he wants. He flip flops so much you’d think he owns and operates his own fake-news empire!

Mr. Trump, if you’re reading this, why don’t you grow up, be a f*cking man and tell the truth for a change? America is not inhabited by a citizenry of kindergarteners. You can’t so boldly continue to lie to us, left and right, and expect to get away with it for long. America, no matter how hard you try to dumb us down, is full of intelligent, trustworthy people and we don’t appreciate our trustworthiness not being reciprocated!

Oh, and guess what, Sir. Impeachment=A Failed Presidency. And failing is synonymous with losing. Ha! Ha! “So much winning,” my ass!




For more on this, please check out the report by the San Francisco Chronicle linked below.

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