Interesting article from Science Daily : Given the choice, zebrafish willingly dose themselves with opioids

Photo of some zebra fish

According to new research, zebra fish, which share 70% of their genes with human beings and have the same reward pathways in their brains as we do, were recently discovered to become heroine junkies like us, as well.

The fish weren’t just passively given the drug, whether they liked it or not, either. So, they had a choice! In fact, they had to work for it! The researchers even flushed out the tank with continuous flowing water to clear out any residual magically infused liquid from their environment. They lowered the dose the fish received, while requiring them to perform the same amount of work to get it. They even made those poor little fishies have to put themselves in danger to receive each smaller dose.

And what did the scientists discover, you ask? They discovered that those little funkies (fish+junkies=funkies) were eager to do whatever it took to get their fix.

Moreover, when the researchers withheld the drug from our little gill-breathing cousins, the swimming self-medicators even began exhibiting the same telltale signs of withdrawal that humans go through, too, like anxiety, amongst others.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that those researchers must have been some pretty heartless ass motherfuckers to have corrupted those tiny, innocent, little creatures, turning into them into downright dope fiends for science. And you may be right! But, the benefits that this research can lead to for us humans, during America’s unprecedented opiate catastrophe, might end up saving countless lives!

Since zebra fish experience addiction in many of the same ways us humans do, including physiologically, this research could lead to new and more effective ways of treating addiction in humans, improving lives, reducing crime, and giving people another chance at living their life to the fullest! So this is definitely good news!

Read the full story on Science Daily, my favorite science website. Link below.


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