What A Morning! (And It’s Only 10:00 AM!)

OK, so it’s only 10:08 AM and wow, what a morning it’s been, so far! You wouldn’t believe it, but already I’ve pooped, washed my hands, of course, eaten breakfast, recorded 800 natural voice statements to help enhance a popular home virtual assistant’s understanding of conversational English, got paid for my efforts, secured a full refund of the money I wasted on a regretful PayPal purchase, I honestly, never expected to see again, chanted my daily mantra commitments to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, AND even helped California make political history by successfully lobbying to get really awesome and incredibly important sentencing reform enacted via the State legislature (something that’s never, ever been done before, in California’s entire existence! — See below for more details.)


CALIFORNIA VALUES! Not Just For San Francisco, Anymore!


What a productive morning!!! I think I deserve a little drink or two. 10 AM’s not too early for vodka, is it? Oh, yeah; right! Nope, not on Tuesdays!

Cheers! 🍸


💋 Sister Dharma

Friends Committee on Legislation of California Logo - fclca.org

Great News: The Legislature’s session is over and because of the activism of people like you, two key bills are going to the governor!

It was a nail-biter! On Friday the Legislature worked into the wee hours of the morning, finally passing Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act.

SB 54 helps protect the safety and well-being of all Californians by ensuring that our state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations and ensuring that state services are accessible to all Californians. Many of you emailed, called and visited with your legislators in support of SB 54 – thank you!

And last Tuesday, the Legislature passed an historic bill to enact sentencing reform. FCLCA‘s co-sponsored bill, SB 180, the RISE Act, by Sen. Holly Mitchell, passed the Assembly by a vote of 41-33! It eliminates the additional terms of imprisonment for past nonviolent drug offenses that can add many years on top of a person’s sentence for a current offense.

FCLCA‘s Director of Legislation, Jim Lindburg, says, “This vote is truly historic. It marks the first time ever the California Legislature has passed a major sentencing reform.”

You made these victories possible –

Because of your activism and financial support, FCLCA was able to lobby, organize and mobilize to get these bills and other important bills passed.

Both bills now go to the governor – and with your help, we’ll continue to organize. But we only have until October 15 – Gov. Brown’s deadline to sign bills.

Would you chip in $10 or more today to support our work?

Or consider joining FCLCA as a contributing member at $60 (maybe write in $65 in honor of our 65th anniversary this year!)

Since 1952, people like you who care about justice have partnered with FCLCA to move California forward. Now, more than ever, your voice matters. Your contribution helps bring that voice to the Capitol. Thank you!


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