Remember That Thing Called Lying? Not Anymore!

According to an article posted on CNN Tech, it is now only 10% likely you’ll lie successfully.

In 2014 a new company emerged in the deception detection industry that is revolutionizing the field. Converus has developed a technology they call EyeDetect which uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated visual processing systems to detect changes in pupil size too miniscule to be detected by a human observer and analyze the speed, as well as the manner in which a person answers sets of true or false questions on a tablet. The technology, it’s claimed, is 90% accurate.

The National Center for Credibility Assessment, which is responsible for overseeing the federal government’s use of polygraph testing, has not yet assessed the effectiveness of the EyeDetect software, so its widespread user in American Life has not yet materialized. But they plan on beginning their assessment next year.

Converus currently sells the system, mostly overseas, to businesses wishing to evaluate the trustworthiness of job applicants and current employees. It’s priced at a mere $4,000 for the equipment and between $50 and $150 per each test analysed. So it’s very affordable for large, multinational corporations and financial institutions. Comparatively, a standard polygraph can cost between a few hundred to over two thousand dollars per test depending on the fees of the human administrator.

EyeDetect eliminates the need for a human administrator which improves the accuracy of it’s tests compared to a polygraph because it eliminates the potential for human error and the sneaky phenomenon of unintentional bias when asking the questions and scoring the answers, which current polygraph technology is very much susceptible to.

You know we livin’ in our last days!

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