The Sisters’ Grants Giveaway Tuesday December 5th at The Stud

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. are thrilled to be supporting, 22 trailblazing community organizations who’ve dedicated themselves to being that change they wish to see in this world.

Come and celebrate these inspiring people and projects with us at our annual Saturnalia Grants Giveaway on Tuesday, December 5th from 8:00-9:30 PM at The Stud. Graciously hosted by Sister Flora Goodthyme during her wildly fun weekly karaoke event SING TIL IT HURTS.

Highlights plus the full list of grant recipients:

We love punks and we love lunch, and Punks with Lunch provides food and harm reduction to people experiencing homelessness.

Rainbow Street is a Jordanian-American NGO working with local activists to provide essential resources for LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Third Muslim promotes the work of emerging and established artists whose work investigates the intersections of Islam and queer and/or trans* experience as political, spiritual and/or ideological identities.

Palace of Trash members are alumni of that pornographic pestilence known as the Thrillpeddlers Hypnodrome, and inheritors of the Cockettes tradition that helped spawn, among other tawdry children, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Bad Business Model Bikes restores bicycles and gives them away to folks who need them!

The Oakland-based Black Teachers Project BTP fosters equitable schools for students of color by supporting, sustaining, and training Black teachers.

The Renegade Library is a pop-up LGBT library that brings a library experience to Queer neighborhoods in Houston, Texas!



Human Rights Pen Pals

Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures

Lavender Library and Cultural Exchange

Perfectly Queer

Purple Heart Anglers

Night Ministry

Trans and Queer Land Project of West Virginia

OLAS/LGTB Sanctuary Project

Left Coast Theater Company

D-SINE/Backstitch Studio

Alpha Gamma Sigma at City College of San Francisco

Recycled AIDS Medicine Program

Howard Grayson LGBT Elder Life Conference

Detour Dance


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