A Good Friday Lesson On How To Treat One Another

So aliens from some distant planet come down to visit Earth…

…..And they’re friendly!!

The leaders of the world plan a huge televised event where they can ask the aliens questions on whatever topics they want. 

During the event, the pope himself is among the first in line for questioning. He begins by saying, “Look, I know that this might sound odd to you, uh, gentlemen, but I was wondering if you and your kind have heard of Jesus Christ, the Son of God?”

“Jesus?!?” the aliens exclaim, “How could we not?! Jesus swings by our planet every few years to check in and catch up with us and see how everything’s developing on our world. He’s a great guy, don’t you think? Really awesome, indeed! We do really love us some Jesus!” 

Now, this starts a huge commotion among all the world’s leaders, as this information now has many implications for life on Earth. His Holiness, however, is not exactly all gay and giddy, as his astonished brain can’t get past one thing.

“EVERY FEW YEARS?!?”, he exclaims! “We’ve been waiting over 2,000 years for just His SECOND coming!”

Trying to calm the pope down, the aliens offer, “Well, um, maybe didn’t like your float, or something.”

The pope, upon hearing this, composes himself by taking a number of intentionally deep breaths. And, after a few moments have passed, he calmly responds, “Forgive me again, gentlemen, but what in the hell does a float have to do with any of this?”

To which, the aliens reply, “Well, you know, when He comes to visit us we always throw Him a huge parade and a round-the-clock Mass. . . Why? What’d y’all do when He was here?”


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