Earn Money On Your Terms With InstaWork

Use the link below to get a $50 sign up bonus after working your first shift!

Do you need money, but prefer to keep your schedule flexible because of other commitments, ect.? Pick up a shift with InstaWork!

InstaWork is an app for your Android or your iPhone that allows workers to pick up individual shifts with local businesses who are in need of additional support.

Most of the jobs on the platform are in the food service industry, like washing dishes, cooking, or serving food or alcohol, so almost anyone can do them! Many of the shifts even provide the worker with a meal, so there’s no need to even pack a lunch!

Payment ranges from minimum wage to over $35 an hour on some shifts and shifts can last from just one hour to twelve, thirteen or sometimes even longer from what I’ve seen so far. But, you get all that information before accepting the gig, so all the cards are clearly on the table.

I’ve worked one gig with them so far and it was a great experience! I acted as a dishwasher at a delicious Mexican food truck called Al Pastor Papi which opened a month ago down in Mission Beach, by the new UCSF campus. Although scheduled for two hours to help with cleaning up after the truck had closed for the night, my first hour was spent lounging in the food truck dining area and eating delicious tacos. When I finally started the task at hand everything went easily and efficiently and I was done before I knew it. The owner was fantastic, friendly and generous and I’d never realized just how spacious the inside of food trucks actually are.

There was one little snag that I want to tell you about, but it got worked out quickly and with no hassle at all. Basically, I had trouble connecting to the internet when I got to the gig because my phone service had been suspended and I couldn’t find a hotspot. I decided to do the only thing I could do, work the shift then clock in and out when I got home. Unfortunately, by that time the gig had disappeared from my app and I got marked as a no show and suspended for six months. However, just a quick and easy phonecall to InstaWork resolved that issue and my access was instantly restored.

By the way, they pay weekly, on Tuesdays.

Sign up with InstaWork today and work your first shift tomorrow. If you want to help support The Diary, sign up using the link below so I’ll get credit for the referral. After you work your first shift, I’ll get a small commission for referring you and you’ll get a $50 signup bonus! Easy peasy!



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