Diary of a Madd Drag Nun

"You Know, We Livin' In Our Last Days!"

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“Diaries are like time capsules, unless you get to read them as they’re being written. Then they’re more like time machines! Strap in! It’s going to be an exciting ride.”

So, Who Is This Bitch & Is She Serious?

Sister Dharma Gettin’ is one of countless Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters are a worldwide network of 21st Century, Queer Nuns encompassing all genders, identities, and variations of sexual experience and expression. Each Sister has devoted their life to their communities and to fighting for those on the fringes of society.

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Sister Dharma lives her life under a set of vows which he took during her ordination process and which every Fully Professed Member (FPM) takes, as well.


(1) Promulgate Universal Joy

(2) Expiate Stigmatic Guilt

(3) Serve, Stand Up & Fight for the community, especially those on the fringes

She fulfills his vows in myriad different ways including,

  • producing popular, well-attended parties, community events, & fundraisers;
  • producing & facilitating health education & resource events & publications;
  • personalized, one-on-one, and/or group ministerial counseling;
  • organizing & participating in progressive social activism, civil disobedience, demonstrations, marches, & campaigns;
  • performance art creation, exhibition, & promotion;
  • public speaking tours & awareness building at schools & other organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of California;
  • various other forms of service throughout the community & online, such as hospice visits, emcee’ing parties, and fundraisers, and producing and distributing harm reduction, sex education, social activism, and other educational and entertaining publications, in both online and print mediums.

Sister Dharma is also a Certified PIMP (Minister) through the Perpetual Indulgence Ministry Program (PIMP), which he cofounded in 2013 with, among others, veteran Sister Hellen Wheels— and, therefore,  is legally qualified to perform special ceremonies, including marriages, baptisms, memorials, etc.

Ever wanted a non-Christian baptism? A baptism into the “Church of Cake Farts,” perhaps? (If you don’t know what “cake farts” are, definitely do not Google them!)

Not limited by orthodoxy or dogmatic traditions, Sister Dharma has the freedom to explore new perspectives around the format of each ceremony and works closely with those requesting services to tailor each event to their specific desires of the participants. Each ceremony is as unique and special as the people requesting it and each is worthy of a lifetime of squishy memories, too! She can also refer you to other PIMPs, ensuring you’ll find the perfect minister for your inclinations. Call (415) 763-8822 or email dharma@thesisters.org to start planning your big day now!

Diary of a Mad Drag Nun is a special undertaking of Sister Dharma Gettin’ and possibly other contributors in the future. It is intended as a place for him to share news and events she thinks are important, as well as provide space for him to get to know her own thoughts, elaborate upon them, and of course, share them with the world. The contents of this website reflect the authors personal opinions and may not represent the views of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. SPI, Inc., as a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization, does not officially endorse or oppose any candidate for political office, as is required by the rules governing tax exempt, public benefit organizations in the United States of America.

Sister Dharma and his alter-ego “Chris” live in San Francisco, California with themselves.

(Hey, I may have schizophrenia, but at least I have each other!)

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