Why We Have PRIDE

Why we dont have “Straight PRIDE”. … More Why We Have PRIDE


Sunday’s mini-Sermon

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and he’s building something with a lot of dicks.” Meditate on that for 5 minutes. And then say 08 “Hail Harvey Milks.” And pay it forward. Indulgent Blessings, my children! Love, Sister Dharma Gettin’

World Goth Day 2016 – The Independent, Kashmira Gander

Most pop subcultures are doomed to die – or if not, to persist in tragic parody like a bunch of middle-aged mods at a Butlin’s reunion. Quite right, too. They tend to coalesce around clusters of young people in reaction to the prevailing zeitgeist, then fade away as the object of rebellion changes, and time spent preening and building a music collection is eaten up by responsibilities. And before you know it, you’re an adult. … More World Goth Day 2016 – The Independent, Kashmira Gander