Community Resources

My children,

It’s from the most sincere of motivations and due to the profound gratitude I find in the joy of helping others, that I embark upon this enormous endeaver of creating a living directory of San Francisco, Bay Area, and National community resources. 

This gigantic project is intended to be a perpetually updated information clearing house of usefulness and will therefore be continually growing and evolving as new resources are added and outdated entries are either corrected or removed. If you find any listing with outdated information please shoot me a message and let me know about it by clicking here.

Also, if you should know of any program or resource currently available, yet not memtioned here, please drop me a note containing, organization name, program name, location, phone, email, other contact info., what services are offered, to whom they’re being offered, cost, and and helpful secrets concerning the best way to access those services (i.e.: “They’re usually pretty busy during the week, but you can drop in between 9-11 AM on Wednesdays and usually be seen within 20 minutes.”) Or just send me as much info as you have. And check back here shortly for an easy to use webform you can use to easily and instantly update the directory. But, in the mean time, simply click here.

Thank you for contributing and thank you for just coming here to explore. I hope you find something useful to you.

Indulgent Blessings for you always, my dear ones!

Sister Dharma Gettin’