Rock Out With Your Cock Out!

You know, there was this one time that I clocked out with cock out, but that was only because a squirrel had crawled up under my skirt and was trying to nibble on my nuts.

Anywhoo, the following is an ongoing project of mine to write commentaries on the range of sexually transmitted infections (STI) currently being passed around amongst members of our communities.

Each article will introduce a particular STI to the reader. {Um, that sounded kindda gross. Don’t worry. You don’t need a condom to read this guide} Each article will briefly describe the infection, its causes, effects, its treatments, prevention & harm reduction strategies. They will share a personal story relating to the infection, and also have a call to action and next steps for you to take to protect yourself or seek treatment, if necessary.

I write from my own perspective & offer my personal points of views, alone.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc., the organization, makes no official endorsements of any political candidate, nor proposition. 

In other words, I speak for myself.

Have a blessed day!

© 2015-2016 Christopher Lloyd * Sister Dharma Gettin'

Bless me with your wisdom.

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